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Tinting & Windows Heads Up

Well I discovered I had a "perfect" cut line in my rear left passenger tinting about a month ago and I didn't really bother with it. I wasn't sure where it came from but I guessed that some dirt or jagged rock or something fell into the window and while the window was being rolled down completely, it scratched the perfect line...

So when I had time, I called up my tinter and had him look at it. The guy wasn't there but his partner was... so the partner explained to me how most car manufactures put felt and plastic to protect the windows and normally both plastic and felt are on both sides (interior and exterior) of the windows. However, the e90 was slightly different in that the front had double sided felt and plastic, but the rear roll down windows only had a single sided felt in the interior and plastic on both sides. He believed that this was BMW saving a few bucks because supposedly rear passengers never roll down their windows anyway. The function of the felt I guess is to prevent the small jagged objects like rocks and sand or whatever from entering the window area...

So to conclude... I'm going to remove + retint the rear left passenger window and also install some custom felt lines to help prevent this from happening again. Of course, the tinter informed me that this would not completely protect my windows and tinting... and problems could always occur... but I'm going with it anyways. Since I'm pretty familiar with the tinter, he said he'd do it for 70bucks for retint & the felt lines or 60bucks for just the retint...
looking for a PreLCI Black Sapphire e90 front bumper without license plate holes

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