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Originally Posted by ultimta View Post
Hi everyone,
recently my E90 330i has been giving me a massive headache, and I'm hoping one of you might be able to help me solve my problem. About 2 weeks ago I replaced the transmission pan and fluid on the car at around 115k miles. The car drove great after that and the shifting was noticeably better, however over the last few days I've started to notice some decent sized puddles of transmission fluid under the car after it is parked for a few hours. While replacing the pan, I also tightened the bolts for the mechatronic unit until they were snug. I reused the bolts for the pan and also tightened them until snug (I didn't have access to a torch wrench while I was doing this job). I made sure to clean the mating surface of the gasket. The leak has grown over the last few days, and I've noticed that its been leaking more as the temperature has been dropping. My concerns are tracking down the source of the leak. Is it possible that I may have cracked a sleeve by tightening the screws on the mechatronic unit? What are common areas of leakage for the pan? The car did not leak nearly as much fluid if any before replacing the pan. Thank you in advance for your help!
There is a specific order in which you tighten the bolts. You can't just tighten them willy nilly one after the other. It's like a cross sectioning pattern you have to follow