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Originally Posted by Steve Sas View Post
Recheck the pan bolts to see they haven't gone loose.
Also check the main electrical connector which is a common area that leaks with age.
Maybe moving thinks around caused the seal to start leaking. This is why its best to replace as many seals as possible when doing a transmission service.
Thanks, I'll take a look at them tomorrow morning. I have noticed that the electrical connector is usually covered in fluid so it's likely that it is in fact leaking from there as well. I think I may be redoing the job and replacing all the seals to be safe.

Originally Posted by thomas1097 View Post
There is a specific order in which you tighten the bolts. You can't just tighten them willy nilly one after the other. It's like a cross sectioning pattern you have to follow
I did follow the torque order, however I didn't have a torque wrench at the time. Is it possible to cause damage to the gasket by over torqueing the bolts?