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Has Anyone Fitted This Lip? New GT4 Lip for E92 M3 Rep/Style Bumper (Not a typo)

There was a new front lip that was put on the market recently. It is the GT4 lip now fitted to work on the M3 rep/style non-M bumpers. Those of us who own these bumpers know the struggle of variety when it comes to front lips.

I had been keeping my eye out on the market for one that last two years and found this one recently. Doubled checked with the vendor on fitment and application and they confirmed it IS for the M3 rep bumper. Hallelujah. The models shown with the lip installed looked completely legit and insanely appealing considering the GT4 lip is what I always had my eye on, but they were only offered for true M3s.

Long story short, put in the order for one, received the lip looking as advertised. Professional installation was recommended. Of course, I attempted to install it myself before resorting to having someone do it for me. I could not. Fitment was really tight, though it looks like it "could" work when mocked up to the bumper. I determined it definitely needed to be installed by professionals. Took the lip to four different shops. Two shops tried, and couldn't get it on. Two shops looked at it and didn't even want to attempt it.

I've been going back and forth with the vendor trying to find solutions (nothing really negative, just trying to make it work), but I exhausted all my options and could not find a way. So I'm in the process of returning it. At this point, I can't determine if I could have received the wrong lip (maybe got a true M3 lip instead), maybe I'm just incompetent (along with all the shops where I'm located), or maybe it's just a bad product. There's nothing out there to frame as reference. Vendor has stated nobody else has had issues mounting the lip and they have quite a few out there. So I'm wondering, has anyone one here tried and fitted this lip? I'm trying to find these people and get reviews and discussion going on it.

Disclaimer: This thread isn't meant to bash on the vendor I purchased this from, so it shall not be named. This same exact lip is being sold my multiple vendors and can found with a simple google search, "e92 m3 rep gt4 lip." I assume these lips are part of a group buy from a certain manufacturer probably in Asia by these vendors, who are then selling it to the public; as it's non-patented, and the same exact instruction guides and samples being shown by each vendor. I have not seen a true consumer feedback or review on this yet.

Here are links to a few:

Here is a pic of my own bumper from the mock up:
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