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Drives: 2011 bmw 328xi
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I installed something similar to this. Im assuming its a knock off but it works fine for what i need (carplay/android auto) and it was only $300!

The problem im having is getting the backup camera to work. For some reason im getting zero signal. I did use a relay. 30 to battery. 87 to power camera. 86 to blu/blk wire off passenger trunk tailight. 85 to brown ground off trunk taillight. Also the ground for the camera is tapped into the brown ground wire for taillights but not close to the taillights. And the video rca ran to the headunit wire labeled ccd_cvbs. And im getting nothing.

I have also tried connecting the red wire (tail)off the rca ( headunit side) to a wire labeled "campower" but nothing as well. Then i tried running a wire tapped into the signal/trigger wire (blu/blk on taillight plug) to the front along the rca and tried it with both the "campower" wire from unit. And to the red wire coming from the rca. And still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. I have been searching for 3 days. Here and other forums. Ive compared notes watched videos. Ill post pictures when i can.

Oh BTW my car is a 2011 328xi manual None idrive. None PDC. Base.