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Originally Posted by Kiddvegas View Post
I keep getting a soft code for Valvetronic thermal overload. It doesn’t trigger a CEL, but my throttle response is awful, and the car feels like it has about 100 horsepower. The throttle response isn’t consistent either, sometimes power is more noticeable after cycling the Ignition.

I’ve replaced the following,

Both Vanos solenoids
Eccentric shaft sensor
Valvetronic Motor
Like a million Throttle adaptations..

I am beyond perplexed. Using ProTool I can see the engine load never exceeds 60 percent with throttle reading 99 percent on the raw gauges part of the app.

The car has a StageFp tune with headers, still get the code and throttle issue when flashed back to stock software.

Any advice or insight would be great!
I wouldn't say im an expert, but It could be that the eccentric shaft itself is stiff or jammed. Have you tried doing the eccentric shaft stops learning procedure?
Other than that i would probably remove the valve cover and check the eccentric shaft to make sure it can move freely.