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Originally Posted by Jagaer View Post
All mSATA drives work, and any newer one will have TRIM/garbage collection.

However, consumer-grade devices like the 840 Pro I installed, are only approved for a temperature range of 0-70C, instead of the -30-85C range of the factory hard drive.
- 840 Pro specs:
- MK8050GAC specs:
- Recadata i6m specs:

I've recently purchased and replaced the 840 Pro with an industrial SSD, Recadata i6m with an operating temperature of -40-85C,
as the 840 Pro was exhibiting some glitches at low temperatures of approx -35C. (

The Recadata does work, and hasn't glitched yet in the cold weather, but I haven't had it long enough to truly recommend it. I also wouldn't recommend the 840 Pro I originally installed due to the low temperature glitching (Which likely means it will exhibit similar issues at high temperatures as well). Neither of these may affect you, depending on where you live.

The Zhenio IDE is known to work, I just didn't trust a knock-off SSD, with questionable quality. At least the Recadata I put in is a known producer of industrial equipment, which should mean good reliability.

I realize this isn't overly helpful, but thought I should add additional context.
I don't think I will have to worry about that low of a temperature.... lowest it's gotten here is 0F and that was a rarity. But I'll look around. I just wanted to be able to pick up a couple of them just in case.