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Originally Posted by AnotherCar View Post
I love driving a manual, but this thing feels like it bogs on every shift if you're just driving around town. So what is the key to driving the SMG around town?

If it's not an auto or a DCT or a manual what is it?

Id suggest you ensure that you atleast test it in the S5 drivelogic program, which is very quick and where gearshifts can be as smooth as any slushbox. By default the car starts in 3 so you would have to have changed it to feel the difference. Also, you'd want to have the power settings set to P500S to get the best engine response. I can easily drive the car and shift gears while the passenger does not even notice the shifts, so it really just comes down to a little practice where you will get a feel for how it works. You would want to lightly 'feather' the gas while you're shifting to get the clean gearchange, similar to how you get to learn how to smoothly shift a traditional manual.

SMG is a manual, its a Sequential MANUAL gearbox,with a single clutch thats hydroelectronic so you dont get the third pedal.
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