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Originally Posted by KCX_335xi View Post
These parts are about 600 USD, 2K is a massive rip off !!

960 is very reasonable
Originally Posted by Dmc View Post
Sorry guys.. I had this happen to me in the summer. I bought BMW parts and had my friend do it for me.
Even if you have hook ups like I do I still strongly suggest taking it to a BMW dealership.

For one it is not $2000.. It is roughy in the area of $1000 after tax.

BMW has a few items where they know are typical fixes and package parts and labour cheaper.. Such as water pump and thermostat change.. Brakes and rotors.. Etc..
I did some comparison between me buying it with hookups vs doing it at a dealership and the difference is minimal.

I was comparing to the town and country BMW wall for their prices... Vs a mechanic shop discount for the parts + labour

If you have questions feel free to ask me.
ya i know $2000 is a massive rip off... thats why its funny to see how the same dealership can give 2 different amounts.. they probably were trying to make me feel like very thankful for my CPO that i avoided such a large amount.