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Originally Posted by will.c View Post
do you really have that many mods? I think you're allowed up to 20 pts for staying in the class. Did you get to sum up the exact points? I went through it and it turns out I can add coilovers, ARBs, camber plates, intake, header, cat delete, AND still drop some weight before I'm close to the TTC threshold.

Also I think the current TTC track records are reachable, at 1:17.7 Light & 1:32.3 Thunder (and 1:04.0 LRP). On top of that your car's base class starts at TTD, so you can have good amount of mods if you bump up to TTC. Meanwhile TTC and TTD records seem pretty much the same.

Actually I don't have that many mods. But my specific car model is TTD +7 points. I've done the numbers over and over and end of day what kills is all the BMW performance parts (ie bumper, diffuser, etc). That alone adds to 11 points in Aero trim. I could stay in TTC but again I wouldn't be very competitive b/c those 11 points in Aero are non-functional. I should be using that towards tires and REAL aero.

The whole NBT (non-base trim) rules for NASA sucks. If your M3 came with a lip spoiler which was not part of the base trim, that little piece of abs plastic counts as "Aero."