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Supreme Power

On Friday; Tam@SPP was was helpful and his service was great. I asked him for a quote for a mount+balance+tpms swap for my CSL reps and new tires. He was able to get back to me ASAP.

This is when things started to change;

When I scheduled an appointment with Eric@SPP he told me to come in at 11a.m. telling me it would only take 30-40 minutes max. I thought everything was cool the next day so I came in on my scheduled appointment. Something had went wrong with their mounting machine (It's called hunter something?)

It was about 12:30 and they had still not started doing anything to my car. I was patiently waiting and I even told them I would come back if it was too much of a hassle. Eric kindly said it's cool. I also asked them if they wanted me to take out my rims/tires out of my car because I had packed everything inside and didn't want them to be liable if anything had happened to it. Eric told me it would be ok for them to take it out. So I was cool with that.

Time had been passing by slowly and it had been 3:55 already. I was wondering what took them so long because I got there at 11 a.m. Anyways, I walked outside to see what they were doing to my car and there it was, the car was waiting outside in the parking lot? I walked back inside and asked eric howcome he didn't let me know my car was finished when I had been waiting for so long in the waiting room. He had told me they had finished.

I was happy even though they took so long without notifying me. So as soon as I left the error message came up for the TPMS. I didn't know what was going on so I drove back and made a u-turn. After I got there, they had told me it was cool and it would reset itself. So before I left the mechanic ran outside and said "hey i forgot valve stem caps" so he just put them on and I left.

After I got home, I noticed a tear inside my leather, behind my driver side and there was a scratch on the aluminum trim. I was mad because I had suggested that I would take the tires/wheels out myself, and they insisted on them doing it. After I walked around the car and saw a deep scratch on my front rim. The rims are used but they were in perfectly good condition. So I was real upset about that as well.

So I remained calm and wanted to give Eric a call to see what had happend. After calling him he started yelling at me saying I was rude and that I had made rude remarks because I was at the place and had said "I had to wait like 24 hours dude!" I was shocked because of the unprofessionalism. He had told me I was rude and that he was doing his best on my car, even though it had taken almost 4-5 hours. I did not mind, but I just was mad at the fact they tore a piece of the leather and scratched the front rim. He said his machine wasn't possible of scratching it and that the wheels were used and that I didn't even purchase it from them.

I paid cash and did not receive a receipt because it was a "hookup." He said something about being nice to the e90 guys and taking care of us and that he received something that was unappreciative in return. I don't know what that meant but I was speechless and shocked that he had yelled at me and went off. I told him, "Wouldn't you be mad if you had just bought a new car and you took it to a place to get it worked on and when you got it back it wasn't the same?" His reply was yeah, but I did what I could. So we get off the phone and an hour later he calls me back, and says that he is sorry and that he had a stressful day and completely went off on me. I accepted his apology and he said for me to come in Monday to resolve things. So my question to you guys is what should I do as of now, I am worried about my car cause it's still only 2 months old. Thanks in advanced.
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