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In business like in life guys there's 3 sides to every story! My version,your version and the truth. Here in the vendor feedback section we typically get one side of the story. Unfortunately in business when owning a shop as I've done in the past your kind've at the mercy of your customers and how they bring their vehicle into your facility unless you run a vehicle inspection report for each and every car you service which becomes quite time consuming. These wheels were loaded and unloaded a few times and while damage could have occured at SupremePower's facility I could also have occured upon the customer loading it into his vehicle or on the drive down to SP's facility. Eric uncharacteristically had some words with this particular customer but he's human and occasionally we all have bad days. But in business you can please 99/100 customers and your still going to run across the occasional issue. Everything could have been avoided by coming in today and simply showing Eric the damage without posting up questioning SP's customer service. You guys are welcome to search 10 yrs of posts on multiple forums for any issues that weren't ultimately alleviated!!