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Originally Posted by rooringhusky View Post
Hey man congrats! I Remember when I came to your spot to grab those stock rims and told you the 335i is such a you got one and can relay to others how I felt when I first had the car

Recommend tune at minimum as first engine/performance mod...

As far as the BOV...It was one of the first mods I got in my car but ill be honest its all for show and NO go....Especially with a 6MT you lose any boost you built through every single shift...At this point I wish I had gotten a chargepipe build for upgraded diverter valves instead of a smart unless all you got the 335i was for showing off...then by all means handle it!!!!
Hahaha whatsup buddy!

As for bov, really? The car gets slower after? I actually got a 6mt 135i n54 not really a 335i, but no one replies on the 1 series forum.

I just like the whooooosh sound and have always wanted it. And I feel like if I tune the car without doing any supporting mods, I will put too much stress on the engine. Are there upgrades that just make it more reliable with a tune, such as a charge pipe upgrade and whatnot? I am such a noob lol.