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Originally Posted by jackb View Post
Gary (or anybody else that want to comment)

I’m looking at buying wheels and tires for my car (SG E90 Sedan) and have questions regarding tires

For the wheels I’m leaning towards the Breyton Race GTS from Tirerack, in sizes 19 X 8.5 OT30mm fronts and 19X 9.5 OT35mm rears

For the tires I’m undecided between The General UHP, Khumo Ecsta, and the new Sumitomo HTR Z III and would like your opinion between the them

To help here is what I’m looking for in a tire;
235 35 19 front
275 35 19 rears

1. Comfort ( I do a lot of mileage (35000 Km /Year) so I spend a lot of time in a car and I do not want a harsh tire)
2. High tread wear (same reason as number 1)
3. Dry performance
4. Wet performance

I do not do any track with my car and I drive moderately most of the time , so I do not feel it necessary to spend on very expensive tires , but at the same time I do not want to buy solely on price , the Generals are very popular but I’m wondering if its based mostly on pricing, the Sumis did amazingly well in recent testing but how are they every day and will they last?

Thanks for your comments

PS, I use dedicated winter tires
Pretty sure you mean 275 30 19 rears ...

I use Falken FK-452 and I like them. In general comfort is better with 18" rims, rather than 19".
Not more than 500 chp for my daily driver. Well, ... .