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Originally Posted by Bobble View Post
What makes you assume you are post 29.2, did you have the software updated by a BMW center, it would be on the service receipt if so? Post should only be 3/08 production to current and if not there is a possibility of no codes. Do you have 93 octane fuel available, if not I wouldn't suggest, per BMS, of going past 3/4. Let us know what you find as this could be very interesting news. Also how do you like the Bav Tech tool? Review would be great! Thanks.
I am running almost pure 101 right now. According to the dealership I purchased my car CPO from the software is 32.1.0 or whatever is in my sig that I put there so I can remember it and now I cant.

The BT is great. Not sure where to put a review on it?

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