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Originally Posted by davesaddiction View Post
Made Jalopnik's AOTD - #7

What do you think of their list?

Here's my original submission:

"Uses the passing lane for passing, doesn't impede others' progress (uses brakes and throttle courteously), isn't overly polite (at a four-way stop, for example), uses blinkers, both hands on the wheel, checks mirrors often (and blindspot when changing lanes), doesn't follow other cars too closely or cut others off, considerate to bicyclists and pedestrians..."
I could not agree more. I have bitched to my wife about most of the items on this list when I notice other motorists doing these things.

Love the one about being overly polite. People think they are doing a greater good by letting other motorists pass/merge but what they are really doing is holding up an entire lane of cars for just one car. The amount of time that is lost for an entire lane of cars to slow down and then accelerate back up to speed is exponentially greater than the time that one car could potentially wait for an opening.

Also, I love the one about proper seating position. I get a lot of shit from my friends about how "close" I sit to the steering wheel, when in fact it the textbook seating position for someone my height and I am at perfect distance from all the primary controls. I just don't sit like a thug, with the seat tilted all the way back into the backseat like the rest of my friends. I tell them all the time that my aggressive driving style requires that I sit properly and they counter by saying they can drive as well as me with their head behind the B pillar hahaha!

Lastly, a personal pet peeve of mine is the left foot brakers. The folks who drive with their brake lights flashing randomly for no reason, even though they are actually accelerating. Or when they brake so gently that they are not actually decelerating at all but their brake lights are on. They just keep their foot hovering on top of the brake pedal, just enough to turn on the brake lights but not enough to actually slow the car down in any way. Why do that???

And don't even get me started on the talking/texting on the phone...