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Procede REV3 E85 mix problem(datalog inside)

So, i have been running the Procede for a bit now, and decided i needed just a bit more power, so i figured why not give the 50/50 E85 a shot!

the car is VRSF DP's, DCI, and mufflerless 6mt

well, first and second gear pull AMAZINGLY... very, very strong.. but when i shift into third, it bogs like crazy, sometimes for almost the entire gear.. but every now and then itll catch its breath and start pulling correctly!

what i noticed on the data log is that when i go into 3rd the car is going CRAZY lean.. between 18.1-20.1 before finally enriching itself, but boost is maintaining at 14 psi or so...

i will admit that, yes i AM running stg3 map, without an intercooler or chargepipe... is that REALLY whats causing this issue? or am i missing something?