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Originally Posted by pretendporsche View Post
I owned a 57 plate s3 for around a year.

I had it remapped, it was f**king quick for a 2.0l, only thing i really raced that left me was a 911 turbo, top end was also good for a hatch (on a private road) i hit 170mph.

However, unless it is icy or snowing the quattro isnt much use, and down to the way the system works on the S3 it makes them understeer BIG TIME.

Bmw handling is more enjoyable and they feel more balanced.

I have owned 4 performance audis now and i can honestly say i will never go back.
I've never had a play with one from a standing start, but have show a few a clean pair of heels on the move - nothing above the speed limit mind, certainly not 170mph. I don't doubt what you say, but find it hard to believe.