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JB4 and BMS intake added on my 335Is

Hey guys,

Just added JB4 and BMS dual cone intake to my 335Is. I'm running on Map 1 and wow! the difference is pretty amazing, love it so far.

I have a few questions.

I would like to go up to map 2 at least, I spoke to the BMW mechanic that installed the intake and JB and he recommended that I change the Chargepipe and always run on 93 octane which I already do, besides the chargepipe anything else i need to add to run on map 2?

Few things i've noticed so far, It seems like when its in manual mode the car shift by it self sometimes and when i have it on sport and I step on the throttle sometimes there is a bit of a stall for less then a second then it picks up. The mechanic I spoke to told me that that happens meanwhile the engine gets used to it.

Also I know that in order to know my current HP and torque numbers i have to dyno the car but does anyone has an idea of around how much i'm roughly pushing now with JB map 1 and a BMS cold air intake (93 octane) ?

I'm new to all this lol so w.e advice you guys can give me would be highly appreciated.