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Originally Posted by Zen View Post
Congrats, post some pics once you took delivery.

What's the maintance cost for your x5 diesel so far? Being a diesel noob, I would think that after the warranty, the diesel would cost a bit to maintance and maybe eventually cost more to maintain than a Petrol engine. Do you take it to the $tealership or do u take it a qualified bimmer mechanic to get the job done?
I think maintance cost is higher as u need to change the engine oil more frequent compare to petrol. Petrol engine should be fine without oil change till at least 25000ks where as diesel need oil change between 15000-20000 ks depending on how u drive.

My X5 tells me to get oil change around every 15000 on average (coz i push it hard most times) which is aroud every 12 month. Most mechanics recommand oil change every 12 month anyway coz engine oil will degrade over time therefore regardless of the number of ks it has done, most cars should change engine oil every year atleast. But then again, BMW will say not to bring it in until the car tells u to so the option is urs.

I personally will get a oil change in the first 5000k for my new car, and then follow what the on board comp saids after that which should be around every 15000k.