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almost crit fail: some notes to add

1) have the proper tools

I just did this and it took me a lot longer since I lacked the proper tool.

I can't stress enough how critical it is to have a wrench that can angle or has a universal angle adapter for the grounding bolt.

I almost crit failed and lost my 10mm adapter in the headliner, which would have caused crazy rattling. Who knows what I would have had to go through to take down the headliner to find that thing if I wasn't able to reach it with a spoon O_o.

2) Make sure ground wire is secure and flat under the hex bolt

I'm pretty sure the problems people are having with errors are due to this. I was seeing those errors myself when I just tried just taping the ground wire to the bolt.

3) Use smaller than 16 guage wire (which would be 18 or 20)

Also, noone that I remember has mentioned the guage wire to use, so I bought some 16 guage, which was way too thick to shove in the green/white hole. I had to bend back like half the copper to make a small enough wire at the end there.

4) I used electrical tape instead of zip ties

It kept things together better for me.

Besides that, excellent write-up. I'm now not experiencing any problems that I've found yet, all modes on my sunroof are working properly and the V1 turns on when I turn on the car and off when I shut down, as you would expect.

In hindsight, I can see how all this would take no more than a half hour. I was too anal and took too long.