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So I finished up the install (mostly) and am working on finding the right settings.

What are those of you with meth running as far as nozzles and injection parameters?

I seem to have an almost sweet spot with a 225ml/min nozzle ramping up slowly from 13 to 27psi, then a 500ml/min nozzle kicks in in tandem at 23psi. (49/51 mixture). It's not perfect yet, but I'll get it dialed in. (Note: nozzles corrected for psi of pump)

I was getting some combustion quench in the 13-16psi range from the 225 nozzle when it was ramping up from 10-20 or even 11-24.

I am running this with JBD, but hope to switch that out for another tune later this year once I'm comfortable with what's out there.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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