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Originally Posted by fitchesbass View Post
Thanks for the PM back. I like the wheels... but the tires are shot (the rears are beyond the wear bars) and the one has a serious bulge which is dangerous to drive with.

I would be interested if you are willing to move on the price. I really want 19x10s in the back and they go for about $900 ( So anyway, if you are willing to move on your price feel free to PM me. The tires probably were nice at one point in time, but from the pictures your tread percentages seem very optimistic.

BTW wheel size and offset is important when selling and you may want to check the back of the wheel. im assuming they are 19x8.5 and 19x9.5
Price is negotiable. Let me know what you were thinking! They are for sure, 8.5 or higher because with these I didn't need spacers. Now that I put my my OEM ZCPs, I'm in big need of spacers. I'll check for you tomorrow morning. They are all boxed up and ready to be shipped! I have to take them out.

Originally Posted by R3NEGADE View Post
Yeah those rear tires are done man...why are you taking your stuff to local gas stations, find someone who does wheels and get them dismounted. No one is going to pay you the extra price and shipping for tires that wont even pass inspection.
I don't know, took it to good year, they wanted charge 50 dollars per wheel. Took it to the gas station, they wanted 30ish. So I figured they were the cheapest. I actually passed my inspection on these tires before going on my OEM ZCPs. I think he put his thread on the outer threads, which has more than the inside ones. The fronts though are pretty solid. But yeah, the tires are more of a give away for donuts purposes to the new buyer.
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