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My first BMW - Smell burnt oil - Help!

Hello all,

I just bought a 2006 BMW 325i with 80K miles on it about a week ago and am thrilled to be riding around on it. I just noticed something that has me unsettled. Hoping to get some help...

When I start the car, I can smell burnt oil(I think) from under the hood. The previous seller had the oil changed about a month ago and the Electronic Oil indicator shows that the oil level is at Max. I do not see any oil leaks under the car.

When I finally did open the hood and start the car, I can see smoke emanating from the square cap mounted on the center of the engine. What could this be?

I did search the forum for burnt oil smell, and couldn't find anything relevant from the results. I am a newbie and this is my first BMW.

If it helps to attach some pictures on, let me know what pictures would help and I could post them on here.

Thanks in advance!

Suggestion to moderators: Maybe there could be a newbie section with some FAQs?