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Originally Posted by chris_s1 View Post
From my own experience of windscreen repairs, if the chip is anywhere near your line of sight when driving, I'd give it a bloody good tap with a centre punch and hammer before the guy arrives, just to make sure they can't attempt to repair it...

I've had 3 repairs previously and everytime I could still see it afterwards and it kept catching my eye when driving. And your insurance company won't replace a repaired screen because you don't like the repair!
If it's anywhere near your line of sight then Auto Windscreens won't repair, they will only replace.

I have had no problems with Auto Windscreens apart from the small issue below. My wife's Touran has needed a new screen on about 3 occasions over the last 6 years.

When they repair a screen they guarantee the repair. So when the last repair they did continued to crack they then replaced the whole screen F.O.C.

Unfortunately the new screen also got a stonechip within a week. This one is on the drivers side, but so low on the screen that it is nowhere near line of sight. It's the size of a 5p piece (18mm) and bizarrely they won't attempt to repair it if it is more than 15mm and on the driver's side, although they would if it was on the passenger's side.

When asked why this was the case they said that it was because it compromised the structural strength of the car. Quite why a chip on the driver's side is more structurally compromising than the passenger side they couldn't explain!!