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Originally Posted by RBull View Post
No sweat.

Good luck with your shoe choice and with your running. The soreness will diminish for that level as you become more fit and efficient by building volume and frequency.

I'd be doing 70+ again but at age 51 my body just can't take it anymore. The most I've done has been 80 miles and that was about 4 years ago. I did hit 52 miles in a week about 4 months ago. Normally now it's about 35-40.
That is a lot. I was in a Marine Corps unit that was "Special" (Retard voice). Jk.

Nah we put about 50 miles in boots a week then an extra 30 or so in running shoes.

I didn't know we were running one day and left my shoes at home, forgot to put them in my trunk.

So I had to wear a buddies Air Jordans for a 12 mile run... Yeah I was 30 minutes slower than my usual partners.

The correct shoe goes a long long way, so whoever says that shoes don't do shit is obviously not a serious runner. I've run in good shoes, great shoes, and excellent shoes, my body and run time reflects each shoe.