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Originally Posted by Quasimodem View Post
I would be one of them too, but I got insulted there a while back by a mod, I deleted all my posts and left. I am not going back so I am quite happy about this forum.

I am also hoping that this subforum will avoid the sort of "M3 is best and 335i with JB25 is better" racer-boy attitude other forums on e90post.

I am getting my paycheck late this month, I have about $3.50 left on a credit card, $0 in my bank account, about $1.40 in my pocket, and my car says I have 14 miles left before I hit my reserve. I have 40 miles to drive tomorrow for work. Even though I should get paid tomorrow, the bank wont let me see the money for another day. So I plan to put $3.50 more in the tank tomorrow morning and make it through the day of about 40 to 50 miles of driving. I wouldnt like to try that in a 335i or M3.
Eeks! That's living on the edge.

You are right about the mileage on the "D" being an asset in a situation like that, but I recall hearing that the downside of actually running out of fuel in a diesel is much worse than running out of fuel in a gas car -- something about engine damage is what I'm picturing.