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Originally Posted by michbmw View Post
you first need to be able to code your car, learn how to do it here:

once you can do that, you need to read your CAS module with NCS expert, if the KLASSE_BATTERIE is set to 70ah, then you are good, if not change it to 70ah, there isn't a setting for 72ah so 70ah should be close enough.

once this is done do the following:

In that case you open up Toolset 32 (under EDIABAS folder):
1. Open MSD80.prg
2. Look up steuern_batterietausch_registri. (near bottom of job list)
3. Go to Jobs menu
4. Select Run Job

(May alternatively be under MSV70 or MSV80.prg)

that should do it.

Also, use the old windows xp laptop, you cannot code your car with win 7 64 bit unless you are running a 32 bit virtual machine running windows xp in it
Thanks Mich, very helpful
I've followed the coding post, made sure everything is communicating and it is, made a backup of my car and now I'm ready to code the battery.

When I read the CAS I see the battery is currently set at "90ah_AGM" (the battery that I just took out was a white bmw battery, NOT and AGM)

The battery I am putting in is also a standard battery- the Autozone Duralast 49-DL

What should I change the setting to for a standard battery of 70ah? Just "70ah" without the _AGM?

Is there a spot to change the cold cranking amps? I am going from 720 to 850 CCA

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