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Originally Posted by thecadman99 View Post
Well dang, thought I had a handle on it. I did re-code the KLASSE_BATTERIE to "70ah" and execute the job.

Now when I read my CAS module, the setting shows "70ah" and I didn't get any errors.

Then I followed the directions above and ran Toolset 32 (mine was listed as Tools32.exe)

Opened the MSD80.prg

found "steuern_batterietausch_registri

when to the "jobs" menu at the top BUT I didn't have "run job" as per the instructions. Google translate came up with something like "execute job once" for f5 so that I what I used and it ran without and error

So what you are saying is that there is another setting I need to change? Is this using NCSexpert and if so what module and setting?

You need to code CAS with the option *and* change your VO/FA to match.

I just posted about this last week in one of the many battery threads which are all running at the same time.