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Originally Posted by starbai View Post
that dome area there that ur referring to really is a giant pain in the ass... but it just takes patience and small hands... perhaps shove something in there to help hold the headliner down while you finagle it out?
Oh man yeah I wish I had small hands and I wish I had friggen tools! I was going to take down the visors and thought (kind of a human mistake) that the screws were phillips - then realized, nope I have a German car...

So now I have the plastic cover broken - the light bulb is pushed all the way up - the head liner seems like it isn't secure - I'm not sure what else I can totally screw up - I'm waiting for somebody to post how many Georgia boys does it take to screw in a BMW light bulb...

but it looks like I'll be taking it to the dealer in the AM - bad thing is its out of warranty - not that they would have covered this anyway... so I'm probably looking at 250 from the dealer easy... I can't find the part number or else I'd order an entire new assemly and then get a after market garage to install it for me...

anybody know the part number for the entire front dome light housing? or maybe just that plastic cover (grey plastic)

Thanks again for the reply...