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Originally Posted by montr View Post
Here is another update. I am in the same boat as 135i_vs_ (post #14). 2 days after the dealer replaced injector #2, the SES light is ON again. Same OBD code as before: P02CE "Cylinder 2 Fuel Injector Offset Learning at Min Limit". The new injector is bad or the injector is not the problem.
Exact same problem here. The car is back with them because the code is for the same injector they replaced.

This time, they are replacing the DME. The SA suspected the DME from the very beginning, however, BMW NA didn't approve it, until it went through the "procedures". Since the light is back for the same problem, it is obvious it's not the new injector.

Supposedly the DME is not erasing the fault(s) or not recognizing that there is no longer any fault(s).

I should have car back by Wednesday.