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Originally Posted by Serjames View Post
Lol will do, they did change the way googlemaps worked for me... I moaned and moaned that you couldn't see motorway junction number on the map itself. Their excuse was the junctions were always listed in the directions text. Anyway I won them over, and since 29th may they now appear...


So then been studying this BMW assist stuff.

Questions - I've gone for the tracker version. Now is that through BMW or RAC or something?

How much does the assist option cost, not sure I paid for this ?

What about the online service thing ?
Nice work!
I did notice the junction numbers when I looked at it for this meet.

What do you mean by 'tracker' version, SJ?

Tracker is a vehicle recovery system, totally separate to BMW Assist, although our American friends get it organised as a BMW service within Assist- we, however, do not. :mad:

BMW Assist on its own costs £120 per year, which includes the Google mapping, automatic accident reporting, SOS etc.
Combined with BMW Online (reading emails & getting on the net in your car) it's £300.

You should get the first 6 months of BMW Assist free.

Online servicing should be part of the Assist package, where the car contacts the dealer to tell them it needs a service.
They then call you to make sure you're happy to book it in!

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