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Originally Posted by silverbmwz3 View Post dealer has got a spare torch for me
He's sent me the application form for Assist, how do I know I'm not commited to more than the 6 months trial as the form isn't clear?
Do I want "online" also or do I have to have ordered an option for that?
All the information you need is in the small print, Paul.

BMW Online requires BMW ConnectedDrive (Assist+Online) to be selected as an option- well that's what BMW UK told me when I asked them.
It is retrofittable & allows you to go online whilst in the car.
However, you don't need it to send Google Map locations to the Nav from your PC- you only need Assist for that.

I uploaded the entire Assist/Online application form here.

Here is the info I was emailed by BMW Telematics:

HTML Code:
> Further to your recent request,
please find attached a copy of the BMW  Assist application form.
> Once you have fully completed the  form,
ensuring that it is signed and dated.
You can return the form to us via  any of the following methods:
> Fax: 0870 5050 207
> Email:  
> Post: BMW Telematics Services
> Europa House
>  Bartley Way
> Hook
> Hampshire
> RG27 9UF.
> As  soon as we receive your completed form, we will be set up your account.
We will  then contact you to confirm this, and advise you of the initialisation process.  
> After the free six-month introductory period we will contact  you,
so that you have the opportunity of extending this service for another  year.
The cost of a year's subscription is currently 120.00
(please be aware  that this price may be subject to change in the future).
If you decide not to  renew your subscription at the end of the free six-month period,
the system will  automatically switch itself off.
> We hope this information is of  use.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
> Yours sincerely
> xxxxx xxxxxx
>  Telematics Advisor
> BMW Group
> Great Britain
> Tel: 0800 5610 555
> Fax: 0870 5050 207
> Email:
>  >  <<Full Application form 2 pages 2006.pdf>>
All the best.

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