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Originally Posted by KanosWRX View Post
God I wish what you said was true. If it was Obama would be winning right now.

I added up last nights numbers off and here they are

Obama 5,600,941
Clinton 4,891,715

So if you truly believe in the popular vote, Obama should be winning.

As for Florida getting none, blame the Democratic Party, before the polls everyone agreed it would not count so some people didn't campaign there. Clinton going back and now saying count it because she won is just stupid, you can't break the rules after the polls just because you won. Just makes me hate Hillary even more when she says stuff like that.
You added wrong.

So far (including Flordia which has zero Democratic delegates...which is a shame. Yeah i lnow the Democratic Party pulled their delegates because they changed their primary date. But again, that shouldn't matter and is a scam) it's:

Clinton: 8,172,360
Obama: 7,885,200

Surely close.

What's interesting is about 50% of white males voted for Obama.
Wonder how many black males voted for Hillary?

Shows, no matter how much they claim, white males showed ZERO racial or sexist biased.
Rest assured that would not even be close for black male voting results.
I'd bet they'd be 90+% for Obama.
Talk about recial prejudices.

I too would LOVE to see a Clinton - Clinton ticket with Bill as VP.
That would be a bonanza.
But I don't think he'd do it.
He'd lose the millions he gets in book deals, speaking engagements and so forth.