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Originally Posted by Bluesun View Post
Last I heard they were out of business because of some thievery (allegedly). I know some of their stuff is still available for sale, but didn't they close up shop?

I remember back in the day I was looking into what it would cost to turbo an M3 instead of buying a 335. I emailed HPF and they told me $30,000...just for the kit. I didn't even know what to say, I just started laughing.
Well that was one thing they did very VERY well... Building turbo M3's and that's what they should have stuck with! They produced some of the fastest M3's in the world and blew it all because they had a shit accounting/finance system or they would have realized that they were being screwed much quicker! LMAO and yes, I knew/know they are out of business. Vivid racing owns their rights now and I think they still produce an exhaust or two items. Point being they aren't "Horsepower Freaks" anymore. Their lead tech John went to go work with a few other members at Lab22.
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