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Wow, I don't think of seen a thread full of so many clueless people in such a long time. I think it's more just being blinded by arrogance.

America is consistently at the front of the pack when it comes to new technology and inventions, etc. Just because Ford and GM may pay minimum wage workers they found off the side of the street to build cheap designs means NOTHING regarding what can or can't be built here.

To say the factories in Germany are so much more advanced and impressive than a GM plant in the US is ridiculous. Do you think BMW is going to get GM to build them a factory here? BMW will design a new (or extend the existing) factory to their liking.

Then it's just a matter of hiring people who aren't morons, bums, potheads, etc to work in your factory, and pay them enough that they respect and like their job. To think that BMW couldn't create the EXACT same cars in the US as compared to Germany is absolutely ridiculous. Just because some domestic car companies build cheaper cars, doesn't mean the country has no capacity to build something nice as well.

So to all of you who say you will never buy a BMW built in the US, good for you, see you later! Me? I'll be enjoying the 3 week production time since I don't have to wait on a boat.
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