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Originally Posted by Rover View Post
As an of the concerns that a BMW tech that if the airbag disperses, the wire could become a hazard to the passenger.

As a result...I went to the light console in the headliner for power. The V1 is mounted on the driver's visor where it has a clear view forward and back. Did the same set up on my '01 325...and worked like a charm for 6 years.

Hardwired my V1 to the fusebox today. Attempted the cord along the A piller & black flap. Saw it would interfere with airbag. Not really my first choice of install.

Carefully pried off the "airbag" button (no scratches please!) w/small flathead & used Torx driver to remove screw holding A piller trim in place. Ran cord down the entire A piller (windshield side) with itty bitty zip ties to the existing wire bundle. Cross over & drop down to fuse box. Replace A piller trim.

Should not interfere with airbag deployment (cord is tied to the airbag wiring bundle afterall) and is easily removed. :-)

Thanks to those who have come before with the detailed instructions!