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Originally Posted by Gripster View Post
Bump from a fellow WRX owner.

Sweet ride. I still have and drive my 5spd wagon (technically the E90 is the wife's car). You will love the E90 it is SOO much more refined that the frantic little WRX, but I think you will always miss the grin that you get from the Scoobie. There's something magical about WOT in 2nd gear in a WRX, that no other car I have owned can match. Good luck! Hope this is on NASIOC too.
Thanks man. It is upon NASIOC too. Honestly I'm surprised no one has snagged it there yet. Maybe it's slow at this point because I can't give up the car for 3-4 more weeks? I will definitely miss the WRX, but I'm hoping a Procede in my 335 will amke me quickly forget about 2nd gear WOT in the Subie. I WILL never forget the WRX with its winter tires on...gets through friggin anything.