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So I tried wiring my Passport 8500 to the fusebox last night and after 2 hours had to give up. What I did was went out and bought a black phone wire. Cut the end off the wire and inside there were 4 more wires (green, yellow, red, black). Used the red wire as the power and the black as the ground. Crimped on a spade end (crimping these tiny wires is IMPOSSIBLE as they slip out too easy!) to the black one and then put it under the torx for the ground. Then I crimped the red wire to the mini fuse adapter, put in both 5 amp fuses and hooked it back up. The homelink still works but NOTHING on the radar detector. Can anybody tell me what I may have done wrong? I am pissed because it took like 5 crimps each to get the wires to stay in and even after getting everything in it still didn't work!