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Originally Posted by MusicMan View Post
NO! I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a multi-billion dollar corporation to test software before releasing it to it's customers.
Secondly, if a mistake is made, have the balls to stand up, admit you made
a mistake and compensate the customer in some way for the inconvenience.
I personally was without my car for 4 days while they tried to diagnose the problem caused by the software. TIME IS MONEY, I shouldn't have to waste
mine because someone at BMW didn't do their job properly!
How exactly would you like to be compensated for this problem? Ok, so time is money, so let's complete the equation...

How much time did you lose because of this problem? 2 hours in commuting back and forth to the dealer? And, lets be generous, lets say you are paid well in whatever you do -- $200/hr. Would $400 make you happy?

I just dont get it...relax, you'll live longer.