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Originally Posted by anthonym96 View Post
Trevendous03 did you ever figure out how to get rid of the car on the lift warning sign? my car randomly just started doing it
I got rid of my "car on lift" error by coding the VO for Xenon.

Here's the instructions I wrote to Milly (this assumes you already know how to run the coding programs and know a little bit about the coding process)...

I would create a video tutorial, but I don't want to have to start all over with my coding, especially considering it's 30 degrees outside haha and starting over with my old VO would then take me a couple hours out in the cold to re-code everything I have done.

Here's what you want to do:

1. Install the headlights and enjoy the xenon.
2. Adjust the aim of your headlights using the adjustment arms that require a Philips screwdriver.
3. Connect the coding cable normally, and open NCSExpert with your profile as normal.
4. After you click CAS module in the beginning, you'll get to the screen where you see the Chassis, the FG (VIN), the FA string with all the $ signs and hash marks and numbers, and the "Get Coded" at the bottom with every module listed.
5. Click Process ECU and select CAS from the submodules.
6. Click Read ECU.
7. Once it is read, open your TRC file in notepad, clear it out blank, and save it as your MAN file.
8. Do the coapiRead and SG_CODIEREN stuff like normal. This will set the CAS submodule back to stock.
9. Click the F1 button which will allow you to change the ECU.
10. Select your chassis again (if it makes you do that) then select NFRM from the submodule listing.
11. Repeat steps 6-8 to set the NFRM submodule back to stock.
12. Back out with the F6 button Zur/Back, and you should see the window I talked about in step 4.
13. Press F1 VIN/ZCS/FA
14. Press F2 Enter FA
15. Choose the chassis E89
16. The VIN should auto-fill in the field... make sure Calculate checksum is NOT CHECKED and click OK.
17. Type $522 in the Attribute field and click "Add"
18. Scroll down the list to make sure it was added.
19. Click OK
20. Press F6 Back
21. Press F4 Process ECU and select CAS submodule.
22. Press F2 Change Job and select FA_WRITE
23. Execute Job
24. Once job has ended, press F2 Change Job and select SG_CODIEREN and Execute Job.
25. Once job has ended, you should be able to select F1 to change the ECU and select NFRM.
25. Repeat steps 13-20.
26. Press F4 Process ECU and select NFRM submodule.
27. Repeat steps 22-24.

That should change the VO for you and give you the proper codes when you go back in and Read the NFRM from the new VO.

After you have done your normal read of the NFRM ECU submodule. Open your TRC, save it as MAN like normal, and do this:

Search for the self leveling line of code AUTO_LWR_ENABLE and change to nicht_aktiv

To enable inner halogen light as high beam and essentially reactivate the bixenon...

Search for

Change it to

Coding for xenon is complete. You can now go back and add all your cool features again and disable all the bulb checks, etc.

I didn't go into complete detail, considering a lot of these steps are outlined in the Change the VO PDF (, but that PDF file doesn't outline everything you have to do... it misses some steps. Be patient when you load that PDF, because it's so big that sometimes it crashes first, and you have to reopen that web page to download it.

Originally Posted by View Post
Damn!!!!!! today. when i tried to adjust my low beam... my angle eye jump off... what should i do now!!!!!!!!!!!!! im really unhappy with that!!.ToT.
Did you adjust with the adjustment arm? I'm surprised the AE would jump out, because it's not even a part of the projector assembly. That's strange!! I've adjusted my headlights a lot on each side, and nothing has happened to my AEs... they're still all connected. Then again, I have the FX-R retrofit, so obviously my setup is a little different.

I hope this never happens to me (knock on wood) cause I had to pay $450 to get my headlights installed.