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The electric company will never take responsibility for anything that happen in your house. With that said, if you lost power due to shorting of the wires or transformer in a crash you could have some pretty large surges coming down the power lines which could have damage the wiring or outlets. The only way to prove that is to send out the fail parts to a lab and had it analyze to see if you has some sort of electrical punch through or insulation break down. Since it was townhomes it likely they are wired all about the same time with a same spool of wire. You could have defective wiring which deteriated over time. Most wire is rated for 600V of you have bad insulation and voltage which hit higher than 600V the insulation could have broken down and then allowed current to jump across wires at 120V.

So if what I said is true you have a house full of bad wires and it may continue to happen so I would recommend you the wire that failed checked out and the fire marshal will not do this since no one died, they are not going to waste their time or money so you can sue someone.

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