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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
You would likely elevate wastegate duty cycles, making your turbo's work harder.In turn you would have an increase in pre intercooler inlet temps.

The intercooler is already out of efficiency even for a stock car. IF you spray enough meth you still might make the same power, but likely a little less peak power.

I recommend atleast a drop in filter at that point as that stock intake is simply a bottleneck, imagine breathing through a straw when you need about as much air a 3inch straw could provide.


For the rest of the questions in this thread. When tuned for optimum power you can achieve nearly 400WHP with Tune, DCI, and methanol. The reality is every dyno is different so expect to see a gain of approx 110WHP over stock. This assumes you are tuned for maximum power, not off the shelf mapping, and have your methanol mixture right.
Yeah, inlet air temperatures will go up just due to that bottleneck. What I'm trying to figure out is just how much of a power loss there would be (there would definitely be one, I'm not doubting that). I'd be happy with a temporary bottleneck until a quieter intake is found. Basically, I'm looking for a horsepower quantity, or order of magnitude estimate, of the change between DCI/Stock 20? 30 hp?