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Originally Posted by mr_milo View Post
Hey All,

I have been having the same problem with my windows. I took it to one dealership which replaced my driver's window motor but as you can suspect this did nothing to help with the problem. I then went to a different dealership and they have seemed to fix the problem.

The dealership reprogrammed my car to the 46.1 level programming. So far so good with the windows although I seem to have two new problems. For one, I can no longer open my top with my key fob. It randomly worked once but I can't get it to work again. Also, now my "MyBMW" remote app no longer works.

Does anyone have a E93 at 46.1 with top functions working via the key fob? I think something was just programmed wrong, or at least I hope. It would be total BS if BMW just removed this feature as the SA is telling me.
You can always recode your car for remote opening but remote closing has been disabled and it is not possible to get it back unless you install an aftermarket module or Passive Go System.

Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!