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Back in October I did my first track day up in Mt. Tremblant, Quebec with the Audi Club. Since it was my first track day I had some reservations, both about the car and how I would measure up as a driver. Although in the Green (newbie) group the 335d whopped ass on nearly every car in the group including S4s, M3s, you name it. Only thing that passed me was an Elise and a Z06. I was a bit of a novelty being the only diesel powered car there and did get some interesting looks at first. But I think many people's opinion of "Diesel Performance" was changed that weekend.

I could not be any happier with this car. For me it is the perfect blend of performance and economy. I will point out that I do have JBD installed at level 10 that has been on since the car had 600mi on it.

I can't wait for my next track day and intend to do many more next year.
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