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Any MMA, BJJ, Muy Thai fighters here?

For the past 2 months or so I have been taking classes at a MMA (mixed martial arts) school. They offer BJJ (with and without GI), MMA, and Muy Thai. I must say that I took the first class feeling good ( I weighed 225lbs and have always been a gymrat) and left that same day a VERY humble person.

I'm at 215lbs, leaner, and quicker than I was 2 months ago. I have been favoring BJJ with Gi. I will take 2 classes of it twice a week, and if I have time I'll go to one of the No-Gi classes. I have taken a few private elssons, along with attending a few Open Mat sessions on the weekend.

Although I feel I have been progressing, I can't seem to think that I'm learning fast enough.

Yesterday was a bad class (in my mind). During two "6 minute" rolls with other students, I was tapped 5 times. Any attempt at passing guard resulted in a quick submission on my part. There are times that I feel good and confident, and there are times like these that I leave soo angry I cannot get the thought out of my head.

Any tips, ideas, motivational strategies any of you fellow fighters can offer? Doesn't neccesarily have to apply to MMA.