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My X5d tows my spec miata to the track.

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Do not go to TNT tint. I had my old e92 done there. Matt talked my ear off about random bs for two hours AFTER I arrived to pick my car up. I arrived to vet the car at 6:00pm on a Saturday and didn't leave until after 8:00. I had dropped it off the night before so matt had it all day. The tint job was fine and the dot matrix was acceptable but the dumb sob had sprayed it with water numerous times and never dried it. It had huge water spots on every surface. I washed and waxed it the next day but the spots remained. I would have had to clay it to get them out. as it turns out I slammed it into an suv two days later so never got to the clay part. I don't blame matt for that...
The dude talked incessantly about how in demand he was, etc. but his work was nothing special. The water spots are what really pisses me off.
My replacement e92 was just tinted at Ziebart. $229, lifetime warranty. They'll do the vinyl for $49. I'll do that next.