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Wierd situation with bluetooth iDrive...iPhone users chime in please!

So I set up my bluetooth in my new 3 series with iDrive. My friend also has basically the same car but a 2011 model.

In his car when his iphone is connected it shows all the recieved calls/missed calls and when you search for a name it pops/sorts out between all contacts by the letters you select on screen.

BUT in my car with my iphone none of the above happens. I try to search for names and when I press a letter to narrow a search for a contact nothing changes on screen. No recieved calls or missed calls either.

I was curious if it was the car or the phone so I took my fathers iphone (same as mine iPhone 4s with same update) and it worked PERFECTLY! Any ideas what could be wrong?

I am sure many of you will be like "your phone is the problem" and the only reason I doubt my phone is the problem is because I LITERALLY replaced it last week for a new one.