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Originally Posted by Boostin FD View Post
Agreed.. Any other track when the gap between is under a second, you knew someone will use drs and overtake... At Monaco, it was pretty much where you are at the beginning, that's where you will stay if pit stop goes well.

Not sure why everyone is so crazy about this track when there is no room to overtake.
Perhaps it is not the most exciting venue, but Monaco represents F1's past. Also, it's a pure driver's circuit - it just requires so much commitment, focus and precision from the driver, which makes a win here that much more special. This is one race which I find exciting to watch lap after lap, even if nothing is actually going on.

I personally enjoyed the race. It wasn't a classic, but there was a lot of strategy and suspense throughout its duration. It was a bit more of an 'old school' race, in this sense.