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So I got dyno'd today. Really did it cause I was just curious. Local shop did a facebook deal of 2 runs for $25. I showed up last week as the first appointment of the day, about 20 mins before they opened...and they basically ignored me for an hour and a half while they continued to tune a Mustang for a customer who wasn't at the shop. So I left. A friend of mine who works at another larger local shop suggested I try them, albeit at a higher cost. It was the right move. Friendly people. Professional and took care of me.

2009 335i
Cobb Accessport running Stage 2+FMIC Aggressive with stock throttle map ver 4.02 beta
VRSF downpipes

Conditions: 90.69F, 29.55 in-Hg, Humidity 34%, SAE 1.02

SAE it's 344Hp and 387ft/lb (more correct)
STD it's 351Hp and 395ft/lb (some posts indicate a lot of guys post this instead)

So while I'm happy with the numbers, have a few questions. Cobb's data indicates 364/424 for a Stage 2+FMIC Aggressive ver 301 map. That car was on a Mustang dyno and it did have a full exhaust(I do not). I don't expect to match the numbers. I understand how different dyno's can be.

Curious though if anyone else has seen similar numbers for similar conditions on a Dynojet? Ambient temp was almost 91f which is about the same as what Cobb's is quoted at. Are they quoting SAE or STD? STD seems to be inflated and everyone I talk to says it's not at all what you should go by for an accurate reading.

I guess I think I'm close. I don't see a full exhaust being enough to make up that difference from SAE(probably not STD either).

My other runs were very similar, this one just surpassed them by a few hp and few ft/lbs a bit(this was the 3rd and final run).

The torque line had me a little concerned. I understand the big peak may be related to a "cam timing event" from what I read on another site, but the earlier ones seem a little shakey.

I'm gonna try and log the car this weekend and post them up for review. The guy who dyno'd my car was not the BMW tuner at the shop. He was familiar with them, but he didn't want to give any detailed info since this was just pulls and it wasn't his area of expertise(understandable).